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PINNED Check for duplicate decedent names.
We continually have issues with multiple users started the same case. Data must be re-entered. I would be helpful to have the system check for duplicates when entering a decedent last name to avoid these types of issues. Even a "merge" record woul...

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Planning Center Merchandise needed for Preneed Clients

Families love the Planning Center to quickly update information and view merchandise for selections. Currently, Merchandise tab is only available for at-need and imminent need cases. Preneed families especially are on the move and the merchandise ...
Becky Schrader 3 months ago in Planning Center 1 Gathering interest

Ability to check for duplicate social BEFORE you create a case

Upon case creation, we need the ability to check for duplicate social before creating a case. This helps prevent creating duplicate cases. Currently this feature is only available after you have created a case causing issues especially when you ha...
Julie Hofmann about 1 month ago in Case Management / Case 0 Gathering interest

System Calendar improvements

How about different colors in the System Calendar, depending on the event or different color depending on the funeral home branch, like the common Outlook or Google calendar allows you to do. Helps them stand out better for company preferences. Ad...
Elizabeth Reed over 3 years ago in Case Management / Calendar 5 Planned

Case creation/Sync

Since there is a Messenger export for Make It Personal, wondering if there is a possibility to have a sync of name, dob, dod to their FloralXpress flower management app. This would be helpful for families who do not have printed materials, but hav...
Susan Espinosa 26 days ago in Case Management / Case 0 Gathering interest

Ability to add a date field in e-signature 2.0 separate from the signature field

Legacy has asked for the ability to add a date field to their e-signature documents that is seperate from the signature field. Currently, when adding signature mapping you can remove the date and just leave the signature but you cannot remove the ...
Chloe Jonas 28 days ago in Case Management / Case 0 Gathering interest

Automatic Reminders for Checklist Items

We would like the ability to set automatic reminders to our checklist items. There are some items that are time sensitive and the ability to remind someone based off select criteria would be awesome. An example might be Remind the Assigned Directo...
Jill Materia 5 months ago in Case Management / Checklist 0 Planned

Attach a document to a Rolodex entry

The ability to attach a document to a rolodex entry. We have many churches and cemeteries that have policies and fee schedules that would be helpful to have right in the rolodex.
Alex Rydell almost 2 years ago in Case Management / Rolodex 0 Future consideration

Ability to Add More Than 1 Email Address

Please add the ability to add a secondary email address for Family/Friends. We often have loved ones provide us with their home and work email addresses and are asked to send correspondences to both. Right now we have no way to log them other than...
Guest 4 months ago in Case Management / Family & Friends 0 Future consideration

Specify Color of Container in Price List

I was speaking with Zach Shields from Gardner FH, and he was wondering if there was an easy way to list the different color options for containers other than entering it in the name. He said that they forget to at times. I noticed that we don't cu...
Tarrence Price about 1 month ago in Case Management / Price List 0 Gathering interest

Notification for Conflicting Funeral Services

Yvonne Sersch pointed out that the system doesn't provide a notification if multiple services are scheduled at the same time. Would it be possible to have a notification if there are conflicting services?
Tarrence Price 8 months ago in Case Management / Appointments 1 Future consideration