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Render DocX Tag Outside of a Rollup Document in Batch Forms

Currently DocX tags are not able to be used in a Batch Form outside of a rollup table. In order to support documents such as batch invoices for pet and trade cases, we need the ability to tag data outside of a rollup table.

For example, batch invoice for pet cases would have the the 'Pet Business' name, address, and invoice date at the top of the document for mailing purposes. Currently that needs to be 'hard-coded' as it's outside of the table, therefore, each pet business needs to have it's own tagged and configured batch form template. In the case of of pet or trade business, that can be a ton of documents to support.

WTFA is not using Pet Cases in the way that they should due to this limitation. They are also not using Trade Cases due to this limitation. It has also become a limitation for Vertin's pet and trade case business.

Marko is the expert in this area and has indicated the effort is small. This would be a HUGE win for our customers, prospects, and operations.

Attached is a sample file. The text in red is what needs to be tagged, but can't be at this point.

  • Nick Tunheim
  • Jun 30 2020
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  • Erin Merriott commented
    30 Jun, 2020 02:00pm

    Agreed!!!! This will allow our customers to use Passare's trade & pet cases to it's fullest while also saving us countless hours creating unnecessary documents. :)