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Workspace Case Management
Categories Check Writing
Created by Erin Merriott
Created on Sep 16, 2020

Check Writing - Vendor

As we rollout Check Writing with Vertin, they will rely soley on the Rolodex to populate checks to ensure the the acocunting exports to Great Plains have all of the info needed such as the Tax ID to properly populate EOY documents such as 1099s.

Currently, Rolodex entries that are marked as "Other" do not appear in the drop downs. "Other is used often for entries sich as hairdressors, county service providers, etc. "Other" is also missing from the Goods & Services page when requesting a check.

Rolodex entrites of "Other" if it's a person, business, or organization needs to be included in both drop-down.

Also when adding a new Rolodex entry, "Other" is not an option either and needs to be.

Edit from Marcus: we're adding the first half of this in, but we will still need the Add functionality.

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