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Include "Lock" for Any Changes on Goods & Services on Case Status Feature

Admins need to be able to allow users to continue entering/updating Payments & Adjustments but need to prevent changes (adding or deleting items) on the Goods & Services page.

Currently, the "Lock Financials" setting on the Case Status settings prevents users from adding items to G&S, signing for deleted items on G&S, and adding/editing transactions on P&A.

What is needed: 3 separate Lock options for Financials

  1. Lock G&S - no activity allowed

  2. Lock P&A - no activity allowed

  3. Lock All Financials - no activity allowed on G&S or P&A

  • Kaylan Johnson
  • Jul 29 2022
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  • Janie Brown commented
    12 Sep 03:10pm

    This would be very beneficial. Please add this.

    Thank you!

    Janie Brown