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I need a column for PreNeed Payments in User Reports

For Keyser Funeral Home, User Reports, when you choose "Rows Show Results For - PreNeed Payments & Adjustments" it does not pull the information from the Payments & Adjustments page on the PreNeed side, it still pulls the AtNeed informatio...
Julie Hofmann 4 months ago in Case Management / User Report 0 Planned

Saved Configuration names showing when reports/batch forms are ran

Funeral Homes will often create saved configurations that filter specific branches/case tags/trade businesses and then run them all back to back. I would like to see in my download center the name of the saved configuration instead of the name of ...
Madison Hicks 4 months ago in Case Management / Reports & Dashboards 0 Planned

CST Filter on AR System Report

For organizations that tie their accounts based on Client Services Types, they need the ability to filter certain CSTs out of the Accounts Receivable Aged system report. The CST filter would need to have the ability to pull cases that both include...
Guest 4 months ago in Case Management / System Report 0 Planned

Add "Embalming Finished Date" to the Event Filters on the Dashboard

Spring Grove Funeral Homes - Premium Services Client - would like to be able to filter their dashboards for cases by the Embalming Finished Date. Can we add this to the "Add Event" dropdown in the filters on the dashboard page?
Julie Hofmann 5 months ago in Case Management / Reports & Dashboards 0 Planned

Include Additional Date Range Options for Reports

Users often need financial information in Quarter timeframes (i.e., Last Quarter, Past Quarter, Quarter to Date), which are not currently offered as Date Range options. The only solution is to manually edit the specific start and end date each tim...
Kaylan Johnson 5 months ago in Case Management / Reports & Dashboards 0 Planned

Show Private or Public with Services on the Dashboard

When I create a dashboard for future services, I cannot see whether a service is private or public without going into the case or going to the calendar. Can we add a column for private or public or the icon indicator to the dashboard?
Julie Hofmann over 3 years ago in Case Management / Reports & Dashboards 2 Planned

Make names Clickable

On the Case Listing you can edit the columns to multiple different options of listing the name but it appears the only one you can click into (for the Decedent) is the Decedent Full Name column. For many they like to list Decedents Last Name, Firs...
Sierra Chaffin over 3 years ago in Case Management / Reports & Dashboards 1 Planned

Move total amount under the item totals on reports when grouped

Currently when you group user reports with financials, you get a table with the sum and the amount is not in the same column as the item amounts. This makes it difficult when users have to take the excel file and do their own calculations and it i...
Guest 7 months ago in Case Management / Reports & Dashboards 0 Planned

Being able to create a batch report that filters by certain time periods in specific order ex. Date of Death.

It would be great if we could produce a batch form with the contracts for a specific time frame in the order of date of death. This would be helpful in pulling data from the contracts for a specific time period. Having these in order by date of is...
Guest over 3 years ago in Case Management / System Report 1 Planned

Remove Converted Imminent Needs from the Imminent Need Filter

When converting a case from Imminent to AtNeed the case still remains in a tab with the Filter Imminent Need Cases. It would be helpful for them to not show in that filter once converted so that we can properly track our active imminent need cases...
Guest almost 4 years ago in Case Management / Reports & Dashboards 1 Planned