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Next 7 Days - Daily Schedule of Services

I've been working with a client on their daily schedule of services report. They're needing it to run daily and to show services for the next 7 days. We can do next week, but that's only for the calendar week; it won't update every day. We have th...
Tarrence Price 5 days ago in Case Management / System Report 0 New

Please add the word "days" the the 120 column on the AR Aged System Report

Currently all of the column headings for days outstanding have the word "days" after the number but the last column, 120 does not, it just says 120. When filtering and custom sorting, the 120 was added into the total for this funeral home because ...
Julie Hofmann 2 months ago in Case Management / System Report 0 Gathering interest

Items Sold System Report

Funeral Excellence Group is intending to run the System Report "Items Sold" across all of their funeral homes. In order to easily distinguish who has sold what they are requesting a branch/location column and a funeral director (case assigned to) ...
Chloe Jonas 5 months ago in Case Management / System Report 0 Planned

Bulk delete reports

How can we delete previously created reports from the lists? i can only imagine keeping them makes rendering the list slower, but i can only delete old reports one at a time?
Kurt Edenbach 8 months ago in Case Management / System Report 0 Future consideration

Being able to create a batch report that filters by certain time periods in specific order ex. Date of Death.

It would be great if we could produce a batch form with the contracts for a specific time frame in the order of date of death. This would be helpful in pulling data from the contracts for a specific time period. Having these in order by date of is...
Guest almost 4 years ago in Case Management / System Report 1 Planned

CST Filter on AR System Report

For organizations that tie their accounts based on Client Services Types, they need the ability to filter certain CSTs out of the Accounts Receivable Aged system report. The CST filter would need to have the ability to pull cases that both include...
Guest 9 months ago in Case Management / System Report 0 Planned

Add Cash Sale Case Type to System Reports

Users need to be able to pull the following System Reports and specify only Cash Sale Cases, just like they can all the other case types. Detailed Items Sold Detailed Sales Items Sold
Kaylan Johnson about 3 years ago in Case Management / System Report 2 Planned

Updates to QuickBooks Export Outputs for 'Refunds' Transactions

User Story As an accountant who imports data to QuickBooks, I'd like some changes to the output of the data in the exports, as it relates to 'Refunds' transactions created from within the Payments & Adjustments page of a case. These changes wi...
Daniell Jara about 4 years ago in Case Management / Accounting / Export/Import / System Report 0 New

Inventory On-Hand Report Changes

Inventory On Hand Report needs to include the following information to meet Federated inventory report requirements. This is important for all customers using Federated and Passare Inventory feature: Add Manufacturer column (pulling from Price Lis...
Jessie Goggans over 3 years ago in Case Management / Integrations / System Report 1 Future consideration

case tag-add spring burial

We have a few options under the case tag section: County Case, Covid Case (suspected), Covid Case (confirmed), Balance Forward, County Case, ND Burial. It would be especially helpful to add a "Spring Burial" or potentially a "Delayed Burial" optio...
Guest over 2 years ago in Case Management / System Report 0 Already exists