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Created by Julie Hofmann
Created on Jan 15, 2021

Florida State Reporting

Florida requires every firm to submit two reports each month to the State. They are the Monthly Report of Bodies Handled and the Cinerator Report. *Both Attached

Currently Passare cannot create these reports due to the date they need to be filtered on and the format they need to be in. The Bodies Handled must be filtered on the "Date the body was received" which has to be a custom field. The Cinerator Report has to be filtered on the date of Cremation. These have to be broken out by month based on those filters.

The reports also have to be in the exact format of the attached Word Documents. The state auditor has been known to hold these up to a light to check for perfect formatting...

I have attached the reports for your review. The best source for questions on these reports is Lizz Gasbarro at Yates or Crystal at Van Orsdel Funeral Home. They are both in need of these reports as soon as possible.

I have also attached filled out October files from Van Orsdel for example but these are not the exact format.

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