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Workspace Case Management
Categories User Report
Created by Nick Tunheim
Created on Apr 14, 2020

Reporting on Checklist Tasks

While working with Client Service's customers on workflows, there currently isn't a way to report on checklist items that are not complete. The only output via User Reports is a list of all checklist items. Attached is a User Report showing row results for Checklists. As you will see, there are 19 pages for seven cases.

Ideally we would be able to filter by the task status (complete or not complete) as well as group by Checklist Name.

I've attached a PDF of the checklist you can download from the case which is great, however, there is no way to schedule something like that to be sent automatically.

Customers are looking for an easy way to report on / see items that are not complete without having to go into each case.

Also, the ability filter cases on the Case Listing would be a helpful workflow.

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  • Devin Pauly
    May 3, 2021

    I was speaking to a customer about Passare and they requested to have additional Checklist Status Report options. The user would like to create a user report with columns to show their next checklist task 'per case'. The “next” item on the checklist would be the next item that is unselected (this assumes the user checks items top to bottom).

    Currently, the only checklist reporting we can pull shows a row for each task which is difficult for user to navigate the status of each case, especially when the report is ran as a PDF file.


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