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PINNED Check for duplicate decedent names.
We continually have issues with multiple users started the same case. Data must be re-entered. I would be helpful to have the system check for duplicates when entering a decedent last name to avoid these types of issues. Even a "merge" record woul...

Case Management

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System Calendar improvements

How about different colors in the System Calendar, depending on the event or different color depending on the funeral home branch, like the common Outlook or Google calendar allows you to do. Helps them stand out better for company preferences. Ad...
Elizabeth Reed over 3 years ago in Case Management / Calendar 5 Planned

Autosave when you change pages

It would be nice if you could transfer pages without having to save, an auto save when you shift maybe.
Product Team over 4 years ago in Case Management / Data Entry 3 Future consideration

Account codes and dates displayed on the Goods & Services screen

Account codes would be very helpful, particularily for cash advances since Vertin Company purchase accounts must off-set the sales account. Very helpful with cash advance accruals. Date are also very helpful so that we can see, at a very quick gla...
Londa Darwin about 4 years ago in Case Management / Goods & Services 3 Planned

Attach a document to a Rolodex entry

The ability to attach a document to a rolodex entry. We have many churches and cemeteries that have policies and fee schedules that would be helpful to have right in the rolodex.
Alex Rydell about 2 years ago in Case Management / Rolodex 0 Future consideration

Convert a preneed case to an imminent-need case

We we get notified of an impending death and there is already a preneed on file, we want to be able to convert that preneed case into an imminent-need case.
Guest over 4 years ago in Case Management / Case 3 Future consideration

Ability to Hide/View Certain Fields

User Story I would like the ability to hide/view certain fields on pages within a case, such as the Vital Stats. Currently, there are several fields within the various case pages that we do not use, which makes it more difficult to fill out case d...
Daniell Jara about 3 years ago in Case Management 1 Planned

Create a Draft or Quote of a Contract

Families often want to see multiple variations of the contract. Would be great to be able to create multiples drafts or quotes within the same case.
JOEL WALTERS over 4 years ago in Case Management / Case / Goods & Services 0 Future consideration

Additional Check Template Tags Requested

Additional option for check date as mm/dd/yyyy (current templates output mm/dd/yy) Additional option for written check amount to have each word capitalized and to populate Five "Dollar(s)" & 00/100 (current template outputs "five & 00/100"...
Erin Merriott over 3 years ago in Case Management / Check Writing 0 Planned

Ability to Re-size the "Alerts" Column on Case Listing

The Alerts column gives no column header to verify it is as small as the largest word in the title like all other columns and the only thing in the column is a bookmark symbol. It should be able to resize smaller so that it does not take up so muc...
Gayla Satre almost 4 years ago in Case Management 0 Planned

Alert When Another User is Working in the Same Case

When two users are working on the same case and one user saves, there is a red toast message telling you someone else has edited the page and their changes have been saved. However, then the second user's changes are rejected. Could we have an ale...
Kaylan Johnson about 4 years ago in Case Management 1 Planned