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Beta app: Ability to see the arrangement meeting information

I would like the ability to see the arrangement meeting information for a case.
Guest about 8 hours ago in Mobile 0 New

Beta app: Ability to see the account balance

I would like the ability to see the account balance on a case.
Guest about 8 hours ago in Mobile 0 New

Beta app: Ability to change case creation date

I would like the ability to change the case creation date, like I can in the web app.
Guest about 9 hours ago in Mobile 0 New

Case type suggestions

My staff has a few suggestions/complaints about how cases can be managed due to the case/client type/status. Can we please be allowed to choose a client service type for an Imminent Need case? Preneed cases would be nice too, but it's especially f...
Holly Stammis 4 days ago in Case Management / Data Entry 0 New

Multiple Roles for Same User

It would minimize the number of roles we have to create if one user could be assigned more than one role. Example: we have a director who works in our admin department. We would want to assign FD roles as well as Admin. Currently we have to create...
Guest 8 days ago in Case Management / User Management 0 New

Notification of Approved Obit

We would like to be notified once the family has approved the Obit in case they don't call or email us to let us know.
Austin Flowers 10 days ago in Planning Center 0 New

Custom Fields: Add type to include Family and Friends

It coud be helpful if the Planning Center asked some additional questions of the family members... Maybe another tab on the Info page Viewing preferences Public Family only No viewing Would you like embalming for viewing purposes? Disclaimer: Emba...
Guest 11 days ago in Planning Center 1 New

Allow pdf documents to be attached to the note section of checks

It would be helpful to attach invoices to the notes section of a check for quick reference between accounting and the funeral home.
Duane Morey 13 days ago in Case Management / Accounting 0 New

Adding Option for Mass Deleting of Case Files

Could there be an option to be able to when selecting all of the files in case files to be able to mass delete.
Guest 13 days ago in Case Management / Files 0 New

Add spacing and font options for Organization Message

I regularly send out Organization Messages to staff through Passare. The only problem is that alll text is squished together. There is no ability to space out sentences or paragraphs or bullet points. Additionally, there is no option for bold, ita...
Guest 18 days ago in Case Management / Organization Info 0 New