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Allow Serial Numbers to Be Re-Used When Deleted Due to Error Entry

When entering serial numbers on the Inventory Management page, if a serial number is assigned to the wrong Item Name (whether by user error or based on info from previous system), the only option is to delete that serial number and re-add it under the correct Item Name. However, the system does not allow you to re-use a serial number that has ever been used in order to maintain the integrity of the tracking and reports.

Would it be possible to allow the serial number to only be re-used when the serial number has been removed with the Reason of Error Entry? This would allow it to be a legitimate "error entry" and the user to correct it fully and to maintain accurate information with their On Hand items.

  • Kaylan Johnson
  • Aug 10 2020
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  • Elizabeth Reed commented
    3 Nov, 2020 07:15pm

    Serial #s should always be able to be reused NO MATTER the reason, because maybe you find it, and sometimes the manufacturer sends it back to you repaired.