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Integrating all rolodexes of the organizations under one umbrella into one

We currently have several locations under the umbrella of Hoy Kilnoski. There are many times we use the same cemetery, church, grave digger, etc. I think it would be great if we could have just one rolodex between all locations rather than having ...
Guest 10 days ago in Case Management / Rolodex 0 Gathering interest

Set default page to open

As the bookkeeper, there are only two screens I look at for the most part. I'm either on Goods & Services or Payments. It would be so awesome if we could set a preferred page for Passare to open to on default. There are others who perform spec...
Lizz Gasbarro 10 days ago in Case Management / User Management 0 Gathering interest

Please add ability to change case file document name in Passare.

I am forced to name the file correctly on my computer from my scanner and I would like the abilty to change a document from say _1_2_3SCAN to "Death Certificate."
Guest 20 days ago in Case Management / Documents 1 Planned

E-mail Receipts from Payment

It would be great if when a payment is processed through passare, there was an option to automatically generate an e-mail to a family member or payor to send a receipt.
Trae Cody 25 days ago in Case Management / Accounting 0 Planned

Attach a document to a Rolodex entry

The ability to attach a document to a rolodex entry. We have many churches and cemeteries that have policies and fee schedules that would be helpful to have right in the rolodex.
Alex Rydell almost 2 years ago in Case Management / Rolodex 0 Future consideration

branch assignment option for documents

We have a lot of funeral homes that have specific documents per branch. For example, a different contract for each branch. or branches that are in different cities/states require different forms. Being able to assign forms to only certain location...
Madison Hicks 10 months ago in Case Management / Documents 0 Future consideration

Add more role tags for ESignature 2.0 Mappings

Several of my funeral homes have documents that require multiple Next of Kin to sign. Currently we have "Role - Next of Kin" for mapping the ESignature to NOK1 but we need to be able to do at least 6 NOK's. This is for Washington and New Jersey cu...
Julie Hofmann about 2 months ago in Case Management / Documents 0 Future consideration

It would be helpful if I could chose up to 5-10 cases at a time when importing - especially when some things transfer over but some do not.

Sometimes all the accounting information does not transfer to Quickbooks when using the all cases option. It would be helpful to be able to choose more than one case at a time to export the information.
Guest 4 months ago in Case Management / Accounting 0 Future consideration

Ability to remove deleted payments from an accounting export

FHOT needs the ability to remove deleted payments from their Quickbooks Payments Export. Ideally this would delete the original payment and its deletion so it would be a wash. Right now, this is causing multiple journal entries that have to be app...
Julie Hofmann 2 months ago in Case Management / Accounting 0 Gathering interest

Link document templates to checklist

Now that we have a check list dashboard I find that many of my check list items are forms or checks that need to be printed. It would be a huge time saver if the form for that checklist item could be linked to the task and appear on the dashboard ...
Guest 2 months ago in Case Management / Documents 0 Future consideration