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Bulk Price List Delete/Restore - Detail Deletion Confirmation

I think it would be beneficial if you could select multiple items in the Admin Price List page to delete items in bulk with more of a clear indicator of which items are being deleted. Currently, when clicking the delete icon, you can only delete o...
Guest 21 days ago in Case Management / Price List 0 Gathering interest

Attach a document to a Rolodex entry

The ability to attach a document to a rolodex entry. We have many churches and cemeteries that have policies and fee schedules that would be helpful to have right in the rolodex.
Alex Rydell about 2 years ago in Case Management / Rolodex 0 Future consideration

Add to the GPL on the fly

Like with the Rolodex entries, allow users to enter an item into the GPL while creating a Goods and Services contract.
Dennis Helwig 3 months ago in Case Management / Price List 0 Future consideration

Pre-Need Permissions Read-Only/Edit Contract Dates

Allow users to be read only for pre-need cases but still have the access to change contract dates for pre-need cases/sign cases. Need to have the ability to limit the access to cases versus the permissions they have.
Guest about 2 months ago in Case Management / Roles & Permissions 0 Gathering interest

Add an approval button for check writing.

Impact Funeral Partners has locations all over the US but only two people that can sign checks. They would like Passare to come up with a way for them to approve the checks but allow the site managers to write and print the checks. Ideally, the ma...
Julie Hofmann about 2 months ago in Case Management / Accounting 0 Gathering interest

branch assignment option for documents

We have a lot of funeral homes that have specific documents per branch. For example, a different contract for each branch. or branches that are in different cities/states require different forms. Being able to assign forms to only certain location...
Madison Hicks over 1 year ago in Case Management / Documents 0 Future consideration

Indicator in "Case Information" Sidebar for user account that created the case.

Currently, the only way to see which user created a case is to create a column in the Dashboard -- but if you're viewing a specific case, there's no way to know who created the case. The information is obviously already saved in the case, hopefull...
Joe Laedtke 3 months ago in Case Management / User Management 0 Future consideration

Integrating all rolodexes of the organizations under one umbrella into one

We currently have several locations under the umbrella of Hoy Kilnoski. There are many times we use the same cemetery, church, grave digger, etc. I think it would be great if we could have just one rolodex between all locations rather than having ...
Guest 6 months ago in Case Management / Rolodex 0 Future consideration

Capability to Pin the Column Titles on the Case Listing Page

Angie Gard with Gard Funeral Home asked if we had a way of freezing or pinning the column titles on their case listing page. She mentioned that they are struggling right now with remembering what column is what especially when they begin scrolling...
Chloe Stirling over 2 years ago in Case Management / Admin 0 Planned

E-mail Receipts from Payment

It would be great if when a payment is processed through passare, there was an option to automatically generate an e-mail to a family member or payor to send a receipt.
Trae Cody 7 months ago in Case Management / Accounting 0 Planned