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“Keyword” search case filter

Is it possible to add a new search criteria option to the case filters? There are times when we need to pull from old cases for reference, or reference a case where something particular was in the goods and services, but can't remember which speci...
Guest 18 days ago in Case Management / Search 0 Future consideration

The ability to remove cases with a zero balance when filtering missing signing

When filtering cases on the case listing page there is not a way to currently remove cases with out a contract from the 'missing singing' option. Even when combining 'missing signing' and 'outstanding balance - no' this does not remove the cases t...
Chloe Jonas 9 months ago in Case Management / Search 0 Planned

Expanding the master search bar when searching for funeral homes to include a sublist of branches under each organization

The search bar that internal passare staff use when accessing the master list of funeral homes does not allow for the ability to see branches under the organization name. Including the ability for the branch name to sub-populate under the org name...
Chloe Jonas 12 months ago in Case Management / Search 0 Future consideration

Global Search Improvements

Users would like improvements to the Global Search tool: Prioritize search results by recently clicked, rather than number of clicks funeral homes typically juggle a handful of cases at a time and are quickly closing these contracts out, then movi...
Jessie Goggans almost 3 years ago in Case Management / Search 0 Planned

Searching for Branches

It would be a time saver if we were able to search for branches on their own, rather than searching for the organization, then branch. Having the ability to search for the branch along with the organization would help us find our homes better.
Guest over 1 year ago in Case Management / Search 0 Future consideration